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Continual Health Monitoring

Current monitoring solutions require extensive time commitment and manual record keeping, which leads to abandonment and inadequate results. Our platform passively records and analyzes data throughout the day so users can live without unnecessary disruption.

Discrete, Comfortable
Non-Invasive Sensor Design

We design sensors that are comfortable to wear, easy to install, and that are minimally noticeable. A health monitoring device should not disrupt a user's lifestyle or be inconvenient to wear. We eliminate obtrusiveness while maximizing both sensing accuracy and performance.

Highly Personalized
Data-Driven Health Analysis

Estimation and opinion are insufficient in analyzing unique patient risks and developing custom treatment plans. Our technology captures previously unobtainable datasets, enabling completely objective diagnostics and truly personalized healthcare.

Team Members

Who's Behind UCHU Biosensors

Daniel Weinstein

Daniel Weinstein

BSBME Tufts University
Lead Engineer

Saam Bozorg

Saam Bozorg

BBA Corporate Finance
Student, Tufts Dental

Noah Hill

Noah Hill

Student, Tufts University
BME, Comp. Science

Jay Zebryk

Jay Zebryk

Wireless System Expert
20+ Years Industry Exp.
Principal RF Engineer


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Understand Biosensors and Potential Applications

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Review of Biosensor Technology

We believe nanoscale sensing technologies are going to reinvent the healthcare industry. Small size, wireless communication, and high levels of accuracy are just some of many aspects that make biosensors attractive solutions for today's most prominent medical problems. Click the button below to read a general overview of emerging biosensor technology and applications.

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Immediate Need in Dental Industry

Caries Disease (tooth decay) is a nationwide epidemic. It is the #1 chronic disease in children and will be experienced by 92% of adults. There has been a call for increased preventative measures, but none have been truly successful. According to BioMed Central, "biotechnological and biomaterials approaches to caries prevention... represent an essential and timely response to that call."