More About UCHU Biosensors, Inc.

UCHU Biosensors, Inc. was founded in December of 2017 by Daniel Weinstein, Saam Bozorg and Noah Hill. At the time, Daniel and Noah were undergraduate biomedical engineers at Tufts while Saam was in his second year at Tufts Graduate School of Dental Medicine. Daniel had been working on the project for about one year with another Tufts student, Camila Menard (no longer on the team), prior to meeting Noah and Saam. Daniel was originally inspired to develop a technology for input-free monitoring of nutritional macromolecule consumption, like fats, carbohydrates and proteins. As a competitive athlete, Dan realized there were no effective solutions for dietary tracking, which is crucial for maximizing sports performance. There are many input-free technologies for recording caloric expenditure, like FitBit, but none for intake. Optimizing athletic performance and overall health comes from a balance of both intake and expenditure, so Dan realized there's a great need for a more effective nutritional tracking solution.

Montle PrizeHe began researching emerging sensor technologies in labs at Tufts University and the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and became experienced in micro and nanoscale biosensing and nanofabrication techniques. Realizing the potential impact this vision could create, Dan reached out to form a team. At a 3 Day Startup event hosted by the Tufts' Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies Department, Saam and Noah both saw the same vision and felt confident they could help bring Dan's idea into reality. As a practicing dental student, Saam realized the potential of intraoral sensing within the dental industry. Caries Disease, or tooth decay, is an epidemic within America and is caused by chemical imbalances. Salivary monitoring could significantly improve the way dentists analyze patient health and enable highly personalized dental care, which would be instrumental in combatting the Caries epidemic. The company has received extensive traction and support within the dental community.

However, UCHU’s vision expands far beyond the dental and diet industry.  Saliva is the new blood of health diagnostics, providing a noninvasive solution for detecting a range of biomarkers such as proteins, electrolytes, hormones, antibodies, DNA, therapeutic drugs, allergens, as well as early-indicators of cancer and many chronic diseases.  We’re creating a comprehensive platform for personalized health management based on oral sensing.

Ricci PrizeUCHU Biosensors pitched as finalists in the Tufts $100k New Ventures Competition two times, were finalists in the Tufts Ideas Challenge, won the Ricci Prize for Interdisciplinary Engineering, received the Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement, and won first place at the Startup Nation Tech Fair competition hosted by TAMID at Tufts. UCHU also attended the inaugural Tufts Summer Accelerator Program, as well as the Madgera HatchIL Startup Incubator in Kibbutz Revivim, Israel. Jay Zebryk also recently joined the team. Jay is a pioneer in the wireless industry with extensive industry experience as an engineering consultant. He's been contracted by more than 30 companies including SimpliSafe and the US Coast Guard, owns 3 US patents, and is overall an excellent addition to the UCHU Team.

We're currently in the prototype phase. Daniel was accepted to several of the nation’s top graduate Biomedical Engineering programs, but declined or deferred offers to work full-time on UCHU. We're currently funded by several collegiate entrepreneurial competitions, but are actively working to raise a larger round. If you'd like to help or support UCHU Biosensors, please reach out via our contact form on this website.

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